Achieved eLearning and Global Privacy Compliance Templates

A key part of your data governance strategy should be ensuring that your privacy officer has the best tools and education to perform their job. That’s hard for a lot of companies because their teams are busy helping to run the organization.

It’s not always convenient, effective, or cost-effective to send staff to conferences or have them read through endless literature on a given privacy-related subject. That’s why we created Achieved eLearning.

Our comprehensive online courses, templates, webinars and more are all designed to equip your team to:

  • Understand the key risks of data breach and misuse and how to avoid them
  • Stay current with existing and emerging global legal and regulatory requirements
  • Remain up-to-date about practical, responsible data practices and more.

With each Template you'll receive 45 minutes of instruction that explains how to use the template, the legal requirements referenced in each, and practice tips for getting the job done.

DPO Template Series

Even the most qualified Privacy Officer could use some help from time to time.

That’s why we’ve created our DPO Template Series.

  • Template: Record of Processing
  • Template: Privacy Framework and Maturity Assessment
  • Template: Data Inventory

Each of these instructive tools is designed to simplify the often-complicated tasks associated with ensuring your international privacy and protection efforts are effective, and to make your job as DPO easier.

For each of these templates we will provide you with detailed instructions to maximize your use of them.


Whether you are a DPO, CPO, or another person designated to handle privacy regulations, our courses are ideal.

Join us at our PRIVACY OFFICER BOOTCAMP: Find the Right Approach for Your Organization to review:
  • Differences between Data Protection Officers and Chief Privacy Officers – and which is right for you
  • Countries that require DPO registration and those that don’t
  • The specifics of the GDPR and other similar privacy legislation
  • How these laws specifically affect your organization
  • The scope of your duties and how to choose a standard that makes sense
  • Strategies for staying organized throughout the process, and much, much more